Why Us

Why Us

We work closely with our clients, especially in the delivery, installation and support phase, we ensure that the customer receives a system that will perform the functionality that the customer requires. For example, and in short, for IT rental, the process starts with understanding what the customer wants to achieve and from that point the following are calculated, what kind of computers or laptops are useful to the client, processor functionality, choice of RAM, monitor and Graphic card which is done by the technical staff.

A computer is in reality a system that is supposed to deliver its best performance to the company taking it on rent. We will not purposefully supply inferior equipment to our customers just to win an order or to make more profit. Rental Plaza only supplies quality equipment suited for purpose, which at a first glance may appear a bit more expensive than that of others, but when one takes the performance and reliability of this equipment into account, the end result often proves differently. At this point we would like to make it clear that our general range of products, which is available for commercial use, is of the best in the world.

In addition to the core equipment that we offer, which is better described further on this document, we also install, commission and configure with your server.


As Rental Plaza also custom builds computers to the customers’ requirements we have a vast amount of models and variants at our disposal. This allows us to conform to virtually any of our customers’ requirements,

Our IT rentals products are best of the industry like Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung etc.. Rental Plaza has a long and proud track record of success in a host of vertical markets and IT industries. Rental Plaza products are mature and stable and have been used in mission critical environments for over a decade due to their unparalleled performance and legendary reliability. Rental Plaza understands computers/servers might run very long hours and offers a number of optional customisation for unparalleled reliability. We are in a position to offer any quality and quantity of rental agreements to the qualified businesses.